100% Natural Washing Nuts - Soap Nuts 1kg
100% Natural Washing Nuts - Soap Nuts 1kg
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100% Natural Washing Nuts - Soap Nuts 1kg

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Our 1kg washing nuts come in a sturdy and re-usable plastic bag with a small cotton bag.

As they are a completely natural product, they may differ in appearance and stickiness. If needed, they can be dried easily in the natural sunshine for a few hours. 


Washing Nuts / Soap Nuts

Washing nuts, popularly referred to as soap nut is a naturally sourced laundry detergent. Unlike chemical detergents, these organic washing nuts are non-toxic. These nuts can be used as a liquid cleaner, jewellery cleaner, hand wash, shampoo, and for clothes as a laundry detergent. They are also very affordable, economical, and valuable. Replacing washing detergents with this organic soap nuts will save you money. This 1kg bag comes with a cotton wash bag to put the nuts in. 



Where Soap Nuts are from

Washing nuts have the highest saponin content and they are a perfect alternative to chemical detergents. These nuts are grown in Pakistan and they have been a source of natural detergent for many years. These organic nuts grow on Sapindus mukorossi trees which are 15 meters tall and they contain saponin which is an organic detergent with cleansing and degreasing features. These saponin agents are removed from the nuts by splitting them up and drying them,. Upon contact with water, these nutshells release saponin which is a natural cleansing agent without the aid of chemicals.

Pros of using the Soap Nuts

  • These soap nuts are 100% organic and safe
  • They are environmentally friendly
  • Hypo-allergenic 
  • Biodegradable
  • They are sourced naturally
  • Vegan
  • Multiple uses
  • Gentle cleaning properties
  • Works in all washing machines / Dishwashers
  • They are inexpensive
  • These soap nuts do not dissolve fabric dyes



The organic soap nuts can be used to wash many times; at a 30°C temp – 4 times, 40°C- 3 times, 60°C – 1 or 2 times and once at 90°C. Unlike chemical detergents, Washing nuts do not dissolve the dyes in the fabric so you can mix different fabric colors without fear. As long as the nuts continue to produce foam, they still contain saponin. 

The gentle cleaning features of these nuts help in maintaining the color of clothes longer. You can use the soap nuts for hand wash and machine wash effectively and they can be used for both white and colored fabrics (between 30° and 90°). Because they are naturally sourced and hypoallergenic, they are the perfect alternative for people who are allergic to chemical detergents.

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