Natural Scrubbing Stone for the Face White - 40g

Natural Scrubbing Stone for the Face White - 40g

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White Scrubbing Stone for the Face - 1 stone per pack

Scrubbing Stone an innovative product for body and face scrubbing and massage, handmade of natural clay, which combines the advantages of Kessa glove and volcanic pumice. Incredible effects visible after the first use.

Gently exfoliates epidermis and cleanses face skin. Pleasantly massages the skin during a treatment. Perfectly fits facial contours thanks to its circular shape and small size. Softens, smoothes and removes dry epidermis. Gently settles skin colour.

DURABLE does not wear down, scratch away or change its structure.

COLOGICAL 100% natural clay without chemical additives.

AESTHETIC it is a beautiful decorative element. It does not get dirty, soak or crumble in use.

UNIVERSAL it can be used with any soap or face cleanser.

SAFE foam present during a treatment makes the stone care gentle and safe for skin. Scrubbing stone is dermatologically tested.

Quickly removes all kinds of skin discolouration (soil, grass, grease, ink, beets, nuts, fruit) as well as unpleasant kitchen smell (garlic, onion, fish).

Gentle also for baby feet and hands smoothes dry heels and helps to remove marker, pen or glue stains on hands. Very durable and resistant to damage. Does not wear down, scratch away or change its structure. In order to refresh the stone, you can heat it for 30 minutes in the oven in 250 degrees. Soft scrubbing face, back, shoulders, chest, hands, stomach. Standard scrubbing thighs, calves, buttocks, feet, hands

It is recommended to use the stone no more than 2–3 times a week. It should not be used on irritated skin.

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