100% Natural Face & Body Soap Charcoal Brown - 100g

100% Natural Face & Body Soap Charcoal Brown - 100g

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Activated Charcoal Brown Soap

Immediate hydration, nourishment and regeneration of the epidermis! Activated charcoal has cleansing and bacterial properties.

80% of the Ingredients are Vegetable Oils!

You have to try to believe that a cleaning agent can simultaneously care, moisturise and revitalise skin in such an incredible way. Pierre de Plaisir natural soaps, in addition to a perfect skin cleansing, fight all kinds of dryness of the epidermis and keep it adequately moisturised during the day. They also give a glossy effect and protect the skin. After using the soap on a body, there is no need to moisturise the skin with a body lotion or oil.

The soaps are perfect for people with very dry, irritated or contaminated skin. They gently cleanse and nurture the skin on the face and body. Handmade with the traditional ‘cold’ method. Vegan and vegetarian.

100% Natural Carefully Selected Ingredients

Pierre de Plaisir natural soaps are made of natural ingredients healthy for the skin, most of which originate from organic farms. They do not contain parabens, petroleum products, SLS or SLES, hardeners or EDTA, artificial colourings or artificial perfumes.

In use Pierre de Plaisir natural soaps form velvety, fluffy foam, which makes everyday care very pleasant. The soap maintains its aesthetic look: it does not harden, break or fall apart into smaller pieces. Intense unique colours of the soaps provide enjoyment and improve your mood. Every use is a unique moment of pleasure for the body and all senses.

Pierre de Plaisir natural care products are an extraordinary gift, which, due to its unique ingredients and beautiful look, will please a receiving person, make them feel special and highlight the care for their health and good condition of their skin.