Eyeliner - Liquid Black 3.5ml

Eyeliner - Liquid Black 3.5ml

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Eyeliner Noir

Certified organic

Want to enhance and intensify your look in a single movement? Avril black eyeliner is just what you need! Thanks to its very thin brush, the application of this liquid eyeliner is very easy and the result is long-lasting!

Made in France

Avril quality • This eyeliner has a very thin brush for a precise application: you can adjust the thickness of the line as you wish! • The application is easy for beginners: its fluid texture allows you to go over the line a second time without any lumps or loss of pigmentation.- • For those prone to tears, this eyeliner offers a long-lasting effect: it stays all day -long without running!- • The very pigmented black colour gives you a very intense look- • This eyeliner is certified organic by Ecocert- • Not tested on animals- • Made in France-

Beauty tip Little tips to correctly apply your Avril black eyeliner: • First of all, always apply your eyeliner on a bare eyelid. Don’t put any eyeshadow or foundation on, otherwise it will not stay on! • Place your elbow on a table to avoid shaking and draw a line of eyeliner as close to the root of your lashes as possible for a more natural result. • However, contrary to current opinion, it is better not to stretch your eyelid during the application: you run the risk of deforming the line. • A final tip before you start: always begin by the exterior of your eyelid, you will be able to correct the trajectory and thickness of your eyeliner line.